Narrating the Spicy Stuff
How do narrators handle performing erotica? I am privileged to have been invited to join a secret group of females who narrate “spicier” books under a pseudonym. Despite the fact that my connection with these women is facilitated by social media, my imagination created a kind of film noir setting...
Pseudonyms…Why Would A Narrator Need One?
I was reading some discussion threads on Goodreads recently, and it appears some audiobook fans and even authors are not sure of why a narrator would choose to record under a different name. Here are some reasons, as well as hints for narrators who wish to pursue marketing their alternate self, in addition to formulas to use when choosing a pseudonym...
FAQs About Audiobook Creation
FAQs About Audiobook Creation: a brief overview answering questions such as "How much will it cost?", "Should I narrate my own book?", and "How can I learn more about the audiobook industry?"
ETHICS & ETIQUETTE: Common Sense Business Practices for Narrators
Some points to consider when embarking upon your narrator journey... ethics and etiquette can make you loved (or hated) by your clients.
Voice Arts Award Nominee Ann M. Richardson: “Best Narration – Classic”
Fall 2016: After completing narration on Zane Grey's timeless classic "Riders of the Purple Sage" around the Christmas holiday, I[...]
Hard work pays off. I've been living my dream since 2008, narrating audiobooks. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't always[...]