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LIVE, via Zoom in 4 meetings, or now available in 10 VIDEO LESSONS WITH HANDOUTS! (see below)

“I just got my first audiobook narration job!  Now what do I do…?”

The whole audiobook industry cringes at these words. This program bridges the gap between aspiring narrators and respectable, professional narrators, instilling high standards and best practices that uplift the individual and the industry. You don’t know what you don’t know, so together we will identify and sidestep most of the mistakes one makes when beginning the narration journey.

 FULL DISCLOSURE: This four-phase program is for those who are seriously committed to becoming an ethical, working audiobook narrator and may take months to complete, depending on the participant’s schedule. Upon successful completion of this program participants will have*:

  1. a recording space, professional grade equipment (microphone suitable for audiobook narration, pre-amp, a computer and appropriate software to record on)
  2. working knowledge of recording software
  3. -designated and arranged a recording space in your home
  4. the seal of approval of your audio output from an audiobook-specific engineer.

*The expenditure involved in meeting these four requirements is separate from the cost of this program.

 OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this program, participants will have learned:

  1. How to prep a book for narration, both non-fiction and fiction
  2. How to plan a schedule so that you can meet your deadline (taking into consideration factors such as word-counts, recording time:finished run time, household schedule, stamina, recording consistency, bodily functions, weather conditions)
  3. How to establish character voices and keep track of them for consistency
  4. Post-production process (proofing, editing, mastering, pickups, final product)
  5. What to do when the book is done
  6. How to choose samples to upload to your profile or website
  7. What genres would be a good fit for you
  8. Who are the clients? (“Big” publishers, indy publishers, ACX and independent authors)
  9. Resources to research for a variety of help with topics from performance techniques to accounting procedures
  10. Wise social media activity

COST: $500

Email Ann today to inquire about enrollment in this program.

Launching New Narrators 10-lesson videos and handouts!

Want to study at your own pace, review lessons and have handouts to refer to, any time, any where?  Ann has created a 10-lesson video course for Launching New Narrators!  It is accessible on the Mighty Networks site for $497.00.  Many students have raved about the ease of access and value in having these video lessons to re-watch whenever they need to. Handouts accompany each lesson, and in addition to these, when you join the Mighty Networks and purchase this course, you have a community of narrators to chat with and learn from. You can find the course here: