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The guidance in this blog is here to help you, to smooth your way, and hopefully help our industry avoid poor-quality audiobooks which may dissuade listeners from continuing to listen to audiobooks. Many, many individuals have been down this road before you. We’ve made many mistakes and come away better for it; that’s how Best Practices are established. You have every right to make your own way in this arena, and run your business the way you want to, but please remember that we are a tightly-knit community. We want each other to succeed and put quality product out there at a reasonable price. As has been said before by my colleagues, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”
How Do Narrators Know How To Pronounce Stuff?
How on Earth can a narrator know how to pronounce all of those obscure, incredibly difficult, and odd-sounding words? Are they just gifted that way? Did they drink a special potion and get super-pronunciation-powers? Or do they have a pronunciation fish they stick in their ear to listen to? Of all people, narrators don't want to make an error, because when we do, we have to go back and fix it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Which may amount to hundreds of fixes in one book.
Shaking with fear and self-loathing, I drove home and thanked God that this experience had a happy ending. How could I have been so foolish? Immediately my children come to mind. I would never let them do something like this without making sure I knew where they were going, how they were getting there, how long they’d be there, who they were with, and what they were doing. Why didn’t I place this same value on my own personal safety? I still have no answer for this.
Curious About Becoming A Narrator? Learn To Fish…
It's not that I don't like to help people... I actually have a very high capacity and willingness to take someone under my wing. It's more of an issue of respect. Respect for me, my accomplishments, and the hard work I did to get where I am. I worked very hard to find out if this path would be viable, interesting, and something I could continue into my retirement years. You can do this too. If it's important to you, you should do the footwork FOR YOURSELF. This is the best way to learn, and the lessons will stick far better this way than simply hearing me tell you about my experiences. This is the same kind of tough love with which I raised my sons, and I truly believe that if you were to ask them today, they'd say it was more valuable to learn how to do something, rather than have it handed to them.
Narrating the Spicy Stuff
How do narrators handle performing erotica? I am privileged to have been invited to join a secret group of females who narrate “spicier” books under a pseudonym. Despite the fact that my connection with these women is facilitated by social media, my imagination created a kind of film noir setting...
Pseudonyms…Why Would A Narrator Need One?
I was reading some discussion threads on Goodreads recently, and it appears some audiobook fans and even authors are not sure of why a narrator would choose to record under a different name. Here are some reasons, as well as hints for narrators who wish to pursue marketing their alternate self, in addition to formulas to use when choosing a pseudonym...
FAQs About Audiobook Creation
FAQs About Audiobook Creation: a brief overview answering questions such as "How much will it cost?", "Should I narrate my own book?", and "How can I learn more about the audiobook industry?"
ETHICS & ETIQUETTE: Common Sense Business Practices for Narrators
Some points to consider when embarking upon your narrator journey... ethics and etiquette can make you loved (or hated) by your clients.
Voice Arts Award Nominee Ann M. Richardson: “Best Narration – Classic”
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